How To Control Calories By Recognizing Binge Trigger

How To Control Calories By Recognizing Binge Trigger

One of the best way on how to control calories intake is to recognize and identify events that can be your potential binge trigger. Some of the things in life can trigger our eating frenzy and this can happen to any one of us.

You can notice that certain people must eat candy or popcorn while watching movie in cinema or at home. Some simply cannot resist to take a few snacks during car trips or bus trips. Others like to eat potatoes chips while watching the sport matches.

How To Control Food Intake

Binge trigger happens to all of us. The ideas on how to control calories intake is obtained from knowing your triggering signals. With that, you can avoid the binges of diet-busting that cause you fail to lose weight but gain your body weight easily. To know your binge trigger, make a list all the times when you have the urge to consume foods besides during normal meals. You might be surprised with how frequent your binges eating occur especially for the first few weeks of your new eating diet plan.

You can take your personalize step and measure on how to prevent calories intake and keep yourself away from these triggers once you recognize these binge triggering signs occur. However, this is just the first step for you to control your diet intake. If it is your habit to take peanuts or pretzels at tavern, try to stay away your attention from it by order a plain water to drink.

How To Stop Calories That Are Extra For Your Body

Otherwise, you can chewing on chewing gum or toothpick. This is useful on how to control overeating as chewing gum or toothpick which stimulate the process of chewing motion and thus can successfully suppress the eating binge food in which sometimes is just a nervous habit. If really there are times you just have to eat something, then looking for those foods that are low calorie and nutrition rich such as fresh fruits. If you are in cinema, below are tips how to control calorie intake at cinema:

  • Bring some fresh foods instead of buttered, salted popcorn.
  • Bring sugar free orange juice instead of soda drinks.
  • Bring chewing gum in case you found your mouth itchy.

Besides, keeping calorie record is also helpful for you to immediately aware of all your old bad ways of eating. For instance, at work maybe you usually take a pastry together with your tea. Should you already implemented healthy diet plan, it is possible to let go pastry and replace it with fresh fruit.