Frugal Fat Loss Tips

Frugal Fat Loss Tips

Yes, the economy is in the toilet, but that’s not an excuse to lie down on your couch with your favorite cheap comfort food and justify your actions as trying to save some money. Burning calories doesn’t require large amounts of cash. Here are some frugal fat loss tips that keep you striving for your fitness goals:

1. Shoe Leather Express

Don’t spend your cash on gas, parking, or car insurance. Try walking, cycling or running to your destination. The only equipment required for walking and running is a comfortable pair of shoes. Or pump up the tires on mountain bike sitting in your garage, grab a helmet, and some reflective clothing, and bike to work a couple of times a week. If your commute to work is too far for this kind for these primitive modes of transportation, then consider using them on the weekends for trips to the grocery store or shopping mall.

2. Dumbbells to Punching Bags

You may not have the space or money to set up the next incarnation of Gold’s gym, but smaller exercise equipment like a stability ball, free weights and exercise elastics are low-cost, portable ways to work out in your home. Better yet, scour online classifieds sites like Craigslist and Kijiji for used versions of this equipment. You’d be surprised at what you could find!

3. Check Out Your Local Rec Center

Many community or recreation centers provide mid-grade gym equipment and workout facilities at reduced prices. There are also different fitness classes—from martial arts, cardio kickboxing, pilates, to ballroom dancing—to satisfy many different interests and tastes. If you have children, ask about a family membership which is often a great value and a great way to keep the whole family involved in physical activity.

4. Get On A Program

It is always helpful to have a program to follow, to motivate you, and to maximize your results. There are hundreds of programs out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve covered some of the best programs out there whether your goal is to lose fat, get flat/six pack abs, dieting or detox. The price ranges vary from $39-$77 depending on what your looking for but a reasonable investment if you consider the monthly cost of going to the best gym in town without a plan!