Get back on the Fitness Wagon!

Get back on the Fitness Wagon!

Yes, it’s cold outside and your tired and wondering how you’re going to get up off that couch to do anything, let alone exercise. Does this sound familiar? This is common for many people at this time of year but here are four strategies to help you get up and get into shape:

1. Start Slow.

Don’t train like Arnold on your first set. Start slowly and listen to your body. A 5-10 minute warm-up consisting of stretching or a treadmill walk will get your body prepared for whats to come. If you feel pain, light-headed or short of breath, slow down or take a break. Over exerting yourself will not only leave you in pain, but can also lead to injury, landing you right back on that couch.

2. Do what you like.

Exercise or working out should not be punishment, it should be for the most part enjoyable. Instead of dragging yourself to a pilates class where you stare at the clock until the end, seek out exercise activities that you enjoy. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood or join a pick-up basketball game at your local recreation centre for some more functional exercise.

3. Bring a Friend.

In this case, peer pressure can be a good thing because you’re less likely to skip a trip to the gym or stop a couple of reps short if you know a friend is right beside you in the trenches. Joining a gym or activity with someone is a great way to motivate each other and stay focussed on your fitness and fat loss goals.

4. Workout anywhere.

If getting to your local rec centre or gym for your 45 minute workout seems impossible, try breaking it up into smaller sessions. For example, a 15 minute walking session during your morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks is perfect for those in an office setting. But remember, physical activity comes in many forms so feel free to check out our post about the amount of calories burned by everyday activities.

To often people beat themselves up over missing workouts. If you miss a day, a week or even a month of exercising, it doesn’t mean all your hard work is lost. Realize that exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle — one that lasts a lifetime. Find your way back to fitness by forgiving yourself and getting back to your routine.