What Women Want…

What Women Want…

He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally… a man is listening.

Yes, you remember this movie. Hard to believe it was released back in 2000 but Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt were hiliarious and I found myself watching this again over the weekend.

So how does this translate into a fat loss tip you say?

A survey done by IRON MAN magazine set out to question a number of women about their likes and dislikes concerning the male physique.

The results were very interesting…

One of the key questions was:

What is the physical attribute that first attracts you to a man?

Well, you would want to know the answers because those would be the sex-appeal bodyparts you should concentrate on.

What were those bodyparts?

Pulling the curtain back….

First place goes to broad shoulders (40 percent) and silver goes to muscular arms (35 percent).

So while lot of women will tell you that muscles don’t matter, maybe it’s because they haven’t been up close and personal with a set of well-developed shoulders and arms- an experience that can trigger certain primal instincts.. Rrrrrr….

Makes sense… but what about abs?

Well, in the survey a flat stomach came in third at 20 percent, behind delts and arms; however, in a separate question, when asked if tight six-pack abs on a guy are a turn on, more than 70 percent said yes. So you should definitely add abs to your specialization list (awesome arms will look mediocre with a belly).