Are There Any Effective Crash Diets That Work Fast?

Are There Any Effective Crash Diets That Work Fast?

Do you think there are crash diets that work fast? In a world where starvation still exists, it is ironic that in most industrialized societies, the single largest nutritional concern for many people is being overweight. We spend millions of dollars every year on best crash diets, miracle diet pills, shapers, nostrums, belts, panaceas and gadgets that promise to make us slim. We seem willing to listen to any bizarre claim, as long as it promises us instant, effortless weight loss.

One after another, sensational and nutritionally unsound crash diet plans attract desperate dieters by promising to do the impossible, allow us to lose weight rapidly, effortlessly, and often, while eating all we want. The price tags attached to these magic remedies are usually quite hefty. Paperback books alone can cost nearly $29 a copy. Yet follow-up surveys have found that between 92 to 97% of dieters who take up any popular crash diets that work fast and then succeed. But after that will gradually regain all the lost weight, and often more besides. Why?

According to Professor of Public Health at the University of California, virtually there is no crash diets that work fast permanently in this world. It may work initially, but none permanently affects weight loss. There is no effective crash diets or magic in weight loss. Advertisers promise that with their diet you will lose weight with no adverse effects, no hunger. So people try the diet. A certain number lose weight at first, but finally become disillusioned because they find the diet just doesn’t work.

There are No Crash Diets That Work Fast

crash diets that workIn periods of drastically reduced energy intake, the body will tend to catabolize or “cannibalize” lean body tissue, utilizing muscle protein to supply energy needs. And, since muscle tissue contains only about one-sixth the amount of energy as the same amount of fat tissue, this is an inefficient way to meet energy needs. By bringing energy intake up to a reasonable level, and ensuring that there are enough carbohydrates present in the diet to spare muscle protein, this syndrome can be

Special diets are not the answer. The answer to excess weight is a change in lifestyle, which includes a change in food habits and exercise, as well as in your attitude to yourself. There’s another reason why “there are no crash diets that work fast” Crash dieters will lose weight, but often at the cost of their lean body mass. Excess kilocalories stored as fat are hard for the body to reclaim.

Unfortunately, a crash dieter may lose weight-and actually end up fatter than before the diet. In other words, he will lose weight by reducing the amount of lean tissue in his body, but his fat reserves will remain the same, or be only slightly reduced. Theoretically, a person can start a crash diets that work fast as clinically overweight, and end it with a percentage of body fat that classifies him as clinically obese!