Catching more ZZZs

Catching more ZZZs

A man sleeping

Does concern for the economy have you tossing and turning? Stress can have a big impact on how well you sleep. It’s often suggested that we need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every night. How many of us can honestly remember getting that much sleep in one night?

To help you reclaim some of those ZZZs, try these suggestions:

1. Do a little yoga before bed to relax and gain balance. A light walk on a treadmill to burn off any negative energy accumulated from the days activities works well too.

2. Lie in bed and breathe slowly, allowing your abdomen and chest muscles to relax. Concentrate on your breathing and you’ll soon find yourself on top of pillow mountain.

3. Read a book. Something light-hearted that doesn’t require you to increase your mental compacity (this is not the time for advanced calculus or newspaper reading as it might make you more tense).

4. Try a warm beverage such as herbal tea (especially chamomile, which helps your body relax), warm milk, or something else you like that doesn’t have too much sugar or caffeine. Green tea can also be consumed at this time even though it has a very modest amount of caffeine compared to regular tea or coffee. It may be helpful to someone trying to ease back their consumption of caffeinated beverages during the day.

5. Adjust your environment by darkening the room, adding some white noise (soothing sounds such as the ocean, rain or crickets) or blocking out noise entirely with earplugs.