Xenical Diet Pills Help Lose Fat Gain Life

Xenical Helps Lose Fat Gain Life

Xenical is safe and effective weight loss pills. Xenical helps to block lipase enzyme from breaking down the dietary fats, preventing the 30% of the eaten fat to absorb into the body. Xenical dosage is three times a day, which are immediately after main meals. Xenical is very safe to use as it can be taken on long term up to 4 years (XENDOS landmark study).

Xenical reviews show it is not only indicated to overweight or obese patients, overweight or obese patients with co-morbidities like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are being indicated for xenical as well. Besides, xenical is the only anti-obesity medication that is indicated for children 12 years old and above.

Orlistat Xenical Side Effect

As xenical blocks the fat absorption, the unabsorbed fat will need to be excreted out from the gut. Thus it cause some common side effects such as:

gas with the oily discharge

increase of bowel movement

increase of urgency to toilet

stools with fat/oil

Xenical Results

But don’t have to worry as these xenical side effects are only happened in the early stage of taking xenical and will reduce overtime. If you follow the low fat diet, you might not have these treatment effect experience. Xenical results show it can help to reduce about 10% of body weight after 6 months.