A Six Pack Exercise for Rock Solid Abs

A Six Pack Exercise for Rock Solid Abs

When it comes to exercise, this is the question we get the most at

“What is the best six pack exercise that I can do in a short amount of time that will get me results?”

I don’t want to discourage anyone, but a six pack is one of the last things you achieve during your quest for a fit body. The stomach is the most difficult place to lose fat, and usually the last place for both men and women.

But it can be achieved and you will LOVE having a six pack. The sense of accomplishment along with the swiveling heads at the beach are well worth the effort.


[Now, I know you are all dying to get a six pack like this guy! The wonders of a magic marker, eh? I’m thinking this guy drank a little too many six packs.]

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Alright, let’s get down to business! Here is a quick run down of the top six pack exercises that will help you to get the sought after iron abs of envy.

High Intensity Interval Training for Six Pack Exercise
High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has been proven in numerous studies to burn virtually pure body fat. To put this into effect in your six pack exercise routine, you can choose from a variety of methods.

There is the Tabata Method, which is brutally intense but very effective. It is used by athletes all over the world to shed body fat and increase the aerobic capacity, not to mention boost your metabolism through the roof! This is a 4 minute workout of 20 seconds of cardio as hard as you can go followed by a 10 second rest repeated eight times.

If you can’t handle the Tabata Method just follow a simple rule of having atleast a third of your exercise in high intensity. So if you jog for 2 minutes you must sprint for one minute and keep that cycle going for the rest of your six pack exercise workout.

Complex Bodyweight Exercises for Six Pack Exercise

Are you currently doing any bodyweight exercises in your strength routine? Can you spruce things up by making them a little more complex? What do I mean complex?

Don’t worry. I don’t want you to be thinking too hard during your workout. What I mean by complex is a move that uses more than one muscle group to perform.

A good example of this would be the squat. An even better example would be a squat thrust.

By using more than one muscle group in your strength training you are burning more calories and engaging your core during the entire workout.

Take our example: the squat thrust.

When you squat, you should be engaging your abs when you go down, when you thrust the weights up, and when you come back up. If you’ve done the six pack exercise workout right, with little rest between sets, you will feel the slight burn in your abdominals.

The 5 Minute Six Pack Exercise

Thousands of sit ups are not needed for your six pack exercise. In fact, it wouldn’t help you at all. All the exercise you need to spend focusing on your abdominals is five minutes a day, three to four days a week.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Abs/Abdominals by d_vdm.
It’s always good to have something to work towards. You never know, you could be the next Mr. Universe!

You should also incorporate moves that will work ALL the muscles in your core, not just the upper abs, which is what thousands of sit ups would do. If you want the whole six pack you have to work the whole six pack.

Here is a good example of a quick 5 minute six pack exercise:

Hanging leg raises- 3 sets of 20 reps

Bicycles- 3 sets of 30 reps

Plank Twists- 2 sets of 20 on each side

Jack knife- 3 sets of 20 reps

This six pack exercise works the upper, lower, and transverse abs. It also works the obliques.

For more great information on how to achieve your six pack abs, see the video here.