The Best Bicep Workout for Kissable Guns

The Best Bicep Workout for Kissable Guns

Biceps are a glorified part of the body. If you have them, you’re tough stuff. Many own them with pride and many are looking to achieve them with the best bicep workout.

If you are looking to get a set of kissable guns for yourself, this is the best bicep workout to get them and if you are looking to keep up with a pair you already have, it works for that too.

[Wolverine had some pretty heavy artillery for his biceps. Hugh Jackman undoubtedly had to do the best bicep workout at least three times a week before the shooting of X-Men.]

To get kissable guns with the best bicep workout ever, keep reading…

Your biceps are the easiest way to show your strength. You’ve probably been trying to flex those babies since you were five. Your mom probably even has a picture of you doing so in the family album.

Big biceps have always been the biggest show of strength, since men held big sticks.

There are some great isolation exercises to help strengthen and develop biceps as well as some complex exercises that include bicep usage and create beautiful arms as a whole.

Here at TFLA, we like to make things simple and easy to follow, so we have put together a one week plan for any to follow, whether you are beginner or intermediate, man or woman. There are two versions, one will be for the gym, and one at home. You can do one or mix the two. Have it your way, just like the BK.(Burger King- but don’t eat that stuff during this workout plan!)

The Week of the Best Bicep Workouts

For all exercises you should gage how much weight to use by the ability to finish the set. The last rep should use everything you have, and always, ALWAYS remember to warm up with an easy set first.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Gym- Standing Bar Bell Curls: 2 or 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Home- Chin Ups: 2 sets of 10-12

Gym: Hammer Curls: 3 sets of 10 each side

Home: Inverted push ups: 2 sets of 20

Gym: Preacher Curls: 3 sets of 10 each side

Home: Milk Jug Preacher Curls: 3 sets fo 10 each side

(you can fill the milk jugs with sand for a heavier version)

Simple, right?

It is important that you don’t work your biceps two days in a row in order to give your muscles time to recover. That is when they grow, so if you are going for size, skip a day in between.

Also, in order to gain muscle, it is important to eat right along with your best bicep workout. Being in the gym is most important, but if you restrict your diet too much it could hurt your gains. And eating like a bodybuilder just makes you fat.

Just eat normally, workout hard, rest enough, and start handing out tickets to the gun show.

If you aren’t looking to build muscle but want to tone up what you already have, the best bicep workout is plenty of bodyweight exercises. Push ups, inverted push ups, chin ups. You can make them fun circuit workouts if you want.